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Hinchinbrook Island

This famous National Park Island is magical, you cannot help but be touched by her beauty.

Hinchinbrook Island Hinchinbrook Island is Australia's largest island National Park, surrounded by the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park...take a day trip or stay on the Island's one hideaway resort.

Hinchinbrook Island is separated from the mainland by the deep, narrow, mangrove-fringed Hinchinbrook Channel, scoured from sand and mud by strong tidal currents. Rising to 1142 metres in the centre of the island are the jagged battlements of Mt Bowen, the largest in the chain of rugged granite crags forming the backbone of the island's southern half. To the north-west a range of lesser peaks of older volcanic rocks, similar in chemistry but finer grained than the granite, forms an undulating skyline descending to the sandy beach of Hecate Point, 4 km across the channel from Cardwell. The spectacular north face of Mt Bowen drops 1121m in cliffs and forested scree slopes almost to sea level. From here a narrow, 8 km long strip of sand stretches north to connect with Capes Sandwich and Richards, where the Wilderness Lodge is sited. The island is approximately 37.4km long and 10km wide.

Including the main beach at the resort there are 11 beautiful sandy beaches. You can enjoy absolute seclusion on several of them including North Shepherd, Macushla and South Shepherd. The National Park covers 39,300 hectares. For the energetic visitor, walking is fairly easy through the light bush sections of the park and with very little luck the walker will observe the abundant bird life for which the island is renowned. There are Herons, Cockatoos, Pheasants, Scrub Hens, Sunbirds and Torres Strait and Wompoo Pigeons. At the very northern end of Orchid Beach access is made to the lookout on Cape Richards, the best vantage point for sunsets, dolphins and the neighbouring islands. To the southern end of the beach a short walk leads to Turtle Bay where most afternoons large sea turtles feed on marine grasses.

Hinchinbrook Island beach

Hinchinbrook Resort

Romantic, intimate, and completely refreshing. Its everything you have ever imagined a tropical island holiday to be. A genuine friendly welcome sets the standard. As you sip your first tropical cocktail and take in the gracious islander-style decor of the main lodge, your luggage is whisked away to your spacious, crafted timber Tree House. Relax...you're here. This eco accredited Resort includes crafted timber Tree Houses, fabulous Restaurant and beachside swimming pool.

Hinchinbrook Island Resort

Resort facilities include:

  • Fast Island Transfers
  • Licensed Restaurant
  • Individual Tree Houses
  • Queen Sized Beds
  • Guest Laundry
  • Guided Bushwalks
  • Fishing Excursions
  • Reading Room with games, TV and DVD
  • Swimming Pool
  • Canoes & Surf Skis
  • Beach Hammocks
  • Snorkelling Gear
  • Guided Snorkelling Tours
  • Island Shop & Library

Water Sports Equipment available to guests:

  • Surf Skis
  • Canoes
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Beach Hammocks
  • Fishing equipment

Brook Islands

The Brook Islands are located approxiately 30km north east of Cardwell, near Hinchinbrook Island. There are four islands in the cluster, all densely vegetated national park with fringing coral reef. Camping is not permited, snorkelling can be undertaken with due care.

Gould Island

This 830ha national park lies 4.5km northwest of Cape Richards and 17km northeast of Cardwell. A camping area and picnic areas are available. The Island is mainly granite with eucalypt woodland and patches of rainforest.

Mission Beach Travel Centre, Queensland, Australia.
The One-Stop-Shop for accommodation and tour bookings.
Phone: +61 (0)7 4068 8699. Email: info@missionbeachinfo.com