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  • » Big Mama Sailing

    Big Mama Sailing
    Big Mama is THE best trip to the Reef or Islands.

    Other boats of her size take up to 40 people. Big Mama takes just 12 !!!!..Its like your own private charter. You will have the best day.

    Big Mama is a family friendly yacht ideal for small groups of 7 or less for overnight and extended charters or 12 guests for day trips which include Lunch and Sunset Cruises.

    Whether a novice or expert sailor, whether a Adult, teen or child, we cater to all interests and skill levels within the limitations of safety, your itinerary, weather and ‘ocean sense’.

    We have been sailing in this region most of our lives, and know we can show you much beauty above and below the ocean surfaces.

    We are a live aboard/owner/operator small family and we are passionate about our lifestyle, sailing, exploring, snorkelling, rela

  • » Charlies Chocolate Factory

    Charlies Chocolate Factory
    Charley's Chocolate is unique in Australia and one of only a few places in the world where you can experience the whole journey of chocolate from "Tree to Bar"

  • » Coral Sea Kayaking - full or 1/2 day Dunk Island & extended trips

    Coral Sea Kayaking - full or 1/2 day Dunk Island & extended trips
    Come and enjoy Dunk Island as nature intended. Sea Kayaking is an active, fun and eco-friendly way to explore the tropical waters. Glide silently over the fringing reef, spotting turtles and rays. Spend the day relaxing on a sandy beach, take a rainforest walk or go for a snorkel. Learn about the island, reef ecology and aboriginal and pioneering history from your friendly and knowledgeable local guide. Extended trips such as 3 day Tropical Island Kayak and 5 & 7 day Hinchinbrook Is & Family Is. trips as available.

  • » Croc & Wildlife Tours

    Croc & Wildlife Tours

    Take a tour of a lifetime on our local Croc spotting river cruise, while taking in the sites of the Hull River National Park and surrounds, its rainforest backdrop and the resident salt water crocodiles amongst the beautiful mangroves.

    An Amazing 45 kilometre tour, up through amazing mangroves, past estuaries and crab pots. See crocodiles in their natural habitat. Watch as nesting Ospreys glide in the skies above. The animal life is stunning with Ibis, Egrets, Sea eagles and too many more bird species to mention.

    Then as we meander up to the mouth of the Hull river we take a short break at the Coast Guard to check our pots and have a light snack before returning on our journey home.

    This is by far, the best way to cruise the local waters of Mission Beach and see a few of the locals too.

  • » Earth Dreaming Adventure Tours

    Earth Dreaming Adventure Tours
    Intro SPECIAL : Day Tour $79
    Overnight Tour $159
    EARTH DREAMING ADVENTURE TOURS are designed to provide you with the unique authentic taste of Australia. This is truly an experience that cannot be matched by driving the highways or catching public transport.

    So many people come to the region and stay in town or, of course, soak up the beautiful Mission Beach but miss the magic of some of the most beautiful rainforest landscape that Australia has to offer! Why don't you come with us?

  • » Frankland Islands Reef Cruise

    Frankland Islands Reef Cruise
    Here are just some of the reasons to choose Frankland Islands for your ultimate Great Barrier Reef cruise experience -

    Tour includes a river cruise, reef and island experience
    Normanby island is a National Park part coral cay continental island with a healthy and vibrant surrounding coral reef community
    We are the only commercial operator allowed to visit the totally uninhabited Frankland islands
    Shortest open water crossing
    Staff to customer ratio is an average of 8:1
    Protection suits are available free of charge
    Passenger safety is our priority
    Expert marine biologist on hand to explain the Frankland Island's unique eco system

    DAILY SPECIALS - Please call for latest specials

    1800 787718

  • » Hinchinbrook Island Cruise

    Hinchinbrook Island Cruise
    Discover the grandeur of Hinchinbrook Island and her untouched beauty.

    Hinchinbrook Island is Australia's largest island National Park, surrounded by the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park...take a full or half day trip

  • » Ingan Day Tours

    Ingan Day Tours
    Ingan Tours is an Australian company that is 100% Aboriginal owned by the Grant family in Tully, North Queensland.

    When you experience culture in Tropical North Queensland you open a gateway to the unique and authentic cultures of the Rainforest Aboriginal People.

    We are the Janbanbarra Jirrbal Rainforest people from the Davidson Valley region situated halfway between the cities of Cairns and Townsville and only 45 minutes south-west of Mission Beach. Our people have a deep relationship with the land and have always believed to have been a part of the land not apart from it. Experience and immerse yourself in our beliefs, culture, language and traditional lands by booking one of our authentic tours or cultural activities

  • » Kurrimine Beach Horse Rides

    Kurrimine Beach Horse Rides
    KURRIMINE BEACH: Have a great time riding horses along the 20 kilometres of beach line available for your enjoyment. The ride takes place in a marine park on the edge of coastal jungle and the sea. Only 30 minutes drive from Mission Beach.

  • » Mission Beach Adventure Hire

    Mission Beach Adventure Hire
    Great range of adventure activities, including Blo Karts, Kayaks & Bicycles, Boogie Boards, Fishing Rods, Beach Tents, Umbrellas. Located right on the beach. Open 7 days from 8.30am to 5pm.

  • » Mission Beach Bike Hire

    Mission Beach Bike Hire
    Just give us your dates and bicycle requests and they will be delivered to your accommodation!

  • » Mission Beach Boat Hire

    Mission Beach Boat Hire
    Hire boats, kayaks, fishing rods, snorkel's and eskies locally from Simon. No licence required for 6hp vessels. Hourly, half and full day hire available. Food, bait, ice and drinks also available.

  • » Mission Beach Charters

    Mission Beach Charters
    If you dream of a romantic picnic on a deserted tropical island, Mission Beach Charters can make it happen.

    Locally owned and operated, our eco-adventure company specifically caters to small groups, families or couples wishing to have a completely personalised experience within the idyllic surrounds of the marine park.

    Jason Shearer, your knowledgeable skipper, grew up in Mission Beach, where he started his maritime career over 20 years ago. He and his partner Bec live locally, and would love to show you some of the area's tropical beauty.

  • » Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi

    Mission Beach Dunk Island Water Taxi
    The quickest trip to Dunk Island, taking only 10 minutes.

    Operates 7 days a week. See Timetable. Other times by arrangement.

    Dunk Island is perhaps Australia's most famous and beautiful rainforest Island. Dunk Island is located off shore from Mission Beach. Known to its first inhabitants as 'Coonanglegah', meaning island of peace and plenty, Dunk Island has much to offer. Being predominantly a National Park, Dunk Island has an abundance of rainforest walking tracks and secluded beaches.

  • » Mission Jets Jet ski hire

    Mission Jets Jet ski hire
    *no licence required
    *100% Adrenalin rush
    *easy to ride
    *jet ski around dunk island

  • » Tropical Fruit Safari

    Tropical Fruit Safari
    Enthusiastic and active collectors in the region have scoured the world for decades accumulating what is now believed to be the most extensive array of tropical and ultra-tropical food plants on the planet.

    With the ‘temperate tucker’ combo’s well catered on the ‘beaten track’, the Mission Beach regional bounty offers a vibrant food adventure where NO ONE has seen or tasted it ALL before. The best part it’s only ‘the tip of the (tropical iceberg)’ of exciting, new and healthy colours, aromas and tastes. -

Mission Beach Travel Centre, Queensland, Australia.
The One-Stop-Shop for accommodation and tour bookings.
Phone: +61 (0)7 4068 8699. Email: info@missionbeachinfo.com