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Walks & Attractions

  • » Beach play

    Beach play
    Build a fort, dig your own swimming pool, bury yourself in the sand – remember how much fun the beach can be. Fly a kite, throw a Frisbee or play catch. Mission Beach offers 14km of sandy beaches, explore the whole stretch.

  • » Bicton Hill

    Bicton Hill
    Magnificent views! This circuit track is 4km in total taking approx. 1 ½ hours to complete. The walk up takes you through breathtaking rainforest and the view at the top is worth every step!

  • » C4 Environmental Centre

    C4 Environmental Centre
    Local information centre with displays, videos and environmental information. Loads of adults & childrens books and gifts for sale. Open 7 days, generally from 10am to 5pm (managed by volunteers)

  • » Childrens Walk

    Childrens Walk
    Great little stroll, a short car ride out of town. Approx. 350 metres (10 minutes). Look for the cassowary footprints and follow them to the nest!

  • » Edmund Kennedy Walking Track

    Edmund Kennedy Walking Track
    Where mother earth meets sister sea!! This walk incorporates beach walking, rainforest tracks and mangrove stands. The track is some 7km and generally takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. Personally, this is our favourite.

  • » Island Reef Helicopters

    Island Reef Helicopters
    Island Reef Helicopters offer spectacular scenic flights over the Great Barrier Reef, The Family Islands including Dunk and Bedarra Islands, and the verdant rainforests, secluded beaches and hidden waterfalls that surround the stunning Mission Beach area.

  • » Lacey Creek

    Lacey Creek
    A favourite amongst the locals! The track is about 7 km out of town, is 1.2km long, and extremely beautiful. Informative signage, fish viewing platform and a chance of seeing the elusive cassowary make this a terrific walk. Toilet and picnic facilities available. The Rainforest did suffer significant damage from Cyclone Larry (2006) which provides visitors with a unique opportunity to see the rainforest's regeneration process.

  • » Licuala Forest

    Licuala Forest
    This track shows you the unique Licuala Fan Palms up close & personal. A short drive out of town, this 1.2km track is an easy 30 minute walk.

  • » Mission Beach Artists

    Mission Beach Artists
    Local gallery exhibiting wonderful local artists' work including paintings, ceramics, sculptures and jewellery. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

  • » Mission Beach Dive

    Mission Beach Dive
    Day Trips, Charters and fully equipped Dive School in beautiful Mission Beach.

  • » Paronella Park

    Paronella Park
    MENA CREEK: Paronella Park is impossible to describe. A castle built in the rainforest, a man's dream, a national treasure... Spend a couple of hours, a full day, or overnight in Mena Creek. Park entry includes The Dream Continues tour, the Darkness Tour and the Indigenous Cultural Experiences and self-guided Botanical Walk. Great photographic opportunities. See eels, fish, turtles, micro bats & more.

  • » Swimming

    Swim in the warmth of our tropical water. Mission Beach boasts shallow beaches without rough surf and with minimal undertow, making it great fun for little ones. Two stinger resistent enclosures are also available. It is recommended that you do not swim during the stinger season (generally from December to May) as marine jellyfish stings can be deadly. Personally we like to wear lycra stinger/sun suits all year round, it looks kinda funky......and it's a little like a helmet on a bicycle....always a handy thing to have.

Mission Beach Travel Centre, Queensland, Australia.
The One-Stop-Shop for accommodation and tour bookings.
Phone: +61 (0)7 4068 8699. Email: info@missionbeachinfo.com